Pros and cons

So am growing to love this mobile and its functions despite the fact that I keep switching it off every single time am adjusting the volume. Hatar att dessa knappar ligger mitt emot varandra. The screen, like most people have commented is amazing but the phone feels too "plastic" for my style so I bought a cover for it. Am having major problems installing the new version. Jelly bean something. Was in the middle of instalment and the phone just shut down. I couldn't turn it on until hours later. Tried installing but all in vain. Hjälp! Like someone has already written am liking the function where when someone calls, you just turn the phone and vips, volume off. Cool functions. Am having a little difficulty navigating around the phone but that's only because my technical skills are at their worst these days. Will be reading the manual. Oh by the way, I cannot upload pictures for some reason, otherwise I wanted to show the difference in some pictures between my iPhone and S3. Am really liking this advice, apart from the new Version that is giving me headache.