Last words

I have really liked this phone despite having issues here and there attimes

-Size: The size can be disturbing coz i found it too big but then after a while, its veru comfortable, which gives the big screen, thumbs up.

-Camera: Now this was my favourite. Altohugh i wasnt satisfied with the "amatuer" shots; the camera was the best thing on this mobile. It had secret functions that allowed me to play with my pictures. Amazing.
 I actually found the battery so limited. I had to charge my phone up to 3 times a day which i dont do with my iphone. I constantly use my phone so for me, a long battery life is vital. Now Samsung compromises with this by making it possible to change batterires. This is a huge plus.

- I actyually grew to like the android market. I have always convinced myself that app store is alot better than android market but thats changing coz both are good in different ways.


-I cant sync it to my mac computer. very annoying

-position of the volume button and on/off button. irritating

-I have had major issues updating the phone to the jelly bean thing


All in all, its worth buyinh because it is very unique and I am conteted with it. I give it 4/5 because some things can be improved.